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The 4 Ancient Greek Keys For Success

Given that building something to stand, and then keeping that said building standing are two very different things, we thought we’d look into history to see what our forebears thought about success.

Here’s our modern take on the four cardinal virtues that according to philosophers like Plato and Socrates made for the kind of character that ensures success in work and at home

Focus – keep on track by putting your immediate desires aside to tend to the uncomfortable yet necessary parts, like quality control and maintenance.

Conscientiousness - be committed to carrying out excellent work and taking full responsibility for your performance.

Logic - know what excellent performance looks like both in terms of quantity and quality of output and conduct.

Fairness - be fair to yourself and others around you so that the project can be sustainable and avoid misfires and delays that amass and go critical.

But why bother striving at all? We’ll explore that question in the next post. For now, have a look where you could bring more of these character traits in your life. Is there anywhere that’s uncomfortable or undesirable that you’ve avoided tending to at home, at work or in your relationships? Is there anywhere you could carry out your duties with more dignity and diligence than you already do? And do you feel you’re in touch with what good looks like for you in all of the areas that make up your life?

Drop us a message to let us know and we’ll see you in the next one.


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