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Drawing Management

CaptureLink from Cad-Capture brings true OpenText eDOCS DM integration to CAD

It enables drawings and their associated content such as Xrefs and rasters to be stored into, managed within and retrieved from eDOCS directly from the AutoCAD application, helping maintain consistency across an organisation, facilitating better decision making and improved productivity.

Key features & benefits

Faster and better decisions

  • Increases productivity by providing faster access to drawings, speeding up document production, and minimising time spent searching for or recreating information.

  • Improves decision-making by enabling access to all types of document across the organisation, enhancing the corporate knowledge base.

  • Maintains integrity and consistency by validating title blocks with eDOCS metadata and maintaining version and audit information.

  • Transforms the availability of information by capturing text and metadata from inside drawings and making it available on enterprisewide queries, helping users find relevant information whenever and wherever needed.


  • CaptureLink works with AutoCAD 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 (64bit), AutoCAD Raster Design 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020


  • CaptureLink integrates with OpenText eDOCS DM versions 5.31, 10.x and 16.x

In addition to CaptureLink, Cad-Capture also provides the ability to view, mark-up, red-line and collaborate effectively using its CaptureVue™ range. Based on Oracle’s award winning AutoVue, it enables true collaboration across the enterprise and allows non-CAD users to access CAD information in a secure and managed environment.

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