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  • What do I do if I'm interested?
    Get in touch! You can do this either by speaking to your OpenText account executive, or you can visit our contact us page where you'll see all of our contact information as well as a form you can use if you would prefer.
  • What are HotSpots?
    HotSpots are the highlights that appear when an asset or tag within a drawing or document is automatically activated and becomes an interactive ‘HotSpot’ that can be configured to do any number of different activities. They are very similar to hyperlinks but with a key difference – they are generated centrally based on naming rules and pattern matching. This means you don’t need to work at the tag or even the drawing level – everything is done centrally. Once activated, the HotSpots remove the need to navigate away from the drawing or open a separate window or system to view corresponding asset or document data. They visually highlight assets within a document or CAD drawing in order for the user to identify assets easily - though the entire HotSpots experience can be customised (e.g. you can decide what tags/assets to activate as a HotSpot and change their colours to match any colour coding you prefer). Find out more about HotSpots here.
  • Does the AIM Suite work with native CAD files?
    Yes – the AIM Suite works with native AutoCAD (.dwg) files.
  • Is there a way poor quality images can have HotSpots added?
    Yes, the AIM Suite can be used to activate tags on raster images such as poor scans, hand drawn/written documents and photos using the Add-on HotSpots functionality.
  • What if the tags in drawings are inconsistent/wrong?
    The system is able to overcome/tolerate entry mistakes and OCR errors – correcting the tag at the meta-data level providing the correct term can be used for search and retrieval.
  • What document formats does the system support?
    The system works with native CAD files and searchable PDFs. It is also possible to activate the tags in poor quality images (e.g. scans, hand drawn/ written documents and photos) via the Add-on HotSpots functionality.
  • What is Asset Centric Navigation/ Asset Navigation?
    We use these terms interchangeably to describe how assets are at the centre of this solution; the ability to navigate between documents, CAD drawings, and across systems directly from assets within them. No changes are needed to the documents, the solution automatically adds the dynamic, interactive layer for you.
  • Do you need to change each drawing individually to get HotSpots?
    No changes are needed at the drawing level. The system works centrally via pattern recognition using the naming conventions used on the drawings and documents.
  • What systems are compatible with the AIM Suite?
    The AIM Suite is compatible with OpenText Enterprise Content Management systems Content Suite, Documentum and eDOCS DM. It is also compatible with xECM for SAP, xECM for Engineering and Asset Operations from OpenText. In addition to this you have the option to work alongside other systems such as general ERP and drawing management systems (e.g. Maximo, Utopia, Hexagon, etc.) If you'd like to learn more about our longstanding partnership with OpenText please visit our dedicated partner page here.
  • Does the AIM Suite work with PDFs?
    Yes, the AIM Suite works with PDFs.
  • What are the key benefits of the AIM Suite?
    Automatically unlock the valuable data held within engineering drawings and documents. Improve process efficiency, saving time and money accessing the right version of the right information. Reduce the impact of siloed information by giving direct access to related information in multiple systems.
  • What does the AIM Suite consist of?
    The AIM Suite (Asset Information Management Suite) comprises of 3 modules: AssetXtractor, CaptureFlow, and HotSpots.
  • Is the AIM suite and Asset Navigation on the OpenText price list?
    Yes! You can work with your local OpenText representative or with us directly. We are part of the OpenText SolEx (Solution Extension) programme and the AIM Suite can be purchased directly from OpenText. If you would like to learn more about our longstanding partnership with OpenText please visit our dedicated partner page here. To view our Application Marketplace listing, click here and to view our Partner Directory listing click here.
  • Who is the AIM Suite for?
    The AIM Suite is ideally suited for any asset intensive industry, including the following: Power Generation & Distribution Oil & Gas (Upstream/Downstream) Utilities Petrochemicals Life Sciences Renewable Energy Construction Chemical Processing Engineering & Construction Manufacturing Mining Transport Click here to learn more about how the AIM suite works within these industries.
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