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Captures assets within DWGs and PDFs

Capture assets

Automatically extract, correct, validate and activate tags from within drawings and documents (including native CAD and PDF).

As part of the AIM Suite™, tags become dynamic links (HotSpots™) between drawings, documents and systems, enabling multi system access directly from an asset (Asset Centric Navigation).




Use your data, your way

Multiple output options.

Save time and money, whilst maintaining state-of-the-art master data governance. AssetXtractor provides your output data in Excel format, database format or in an intuitive web interface.

Data from AssetXtractor can inform, update and use your master list to enhance alternative master data sources like ERP or Plant Maintenance systems.



Automatically compile master list

Master Lists can be used to pre-approve assets, shaving hours off the QA process and delivering exceptionally high quality results.

AssetXtractor can add to and adjust existing master lists right at the source, simplifying your data governance processes and reducing the margin for error.


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