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The AIM Suite

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Master Data Governance made simple with AssetXtractor™

Unlock Engineering Content

Create/Maintain a Tag Database

Validate against Master Data

Maximise value from drawings & engineering documents

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Streamline your indexing process with CaptureFlow™

Automatically extract Title Blocks

Add searchable meta-data

Bulk upload to ECM

Improve search & retrieval in 

your OpenText™ ECM

HotSpots logo


Rapid navigation to drawings/ information with HotSpots™


Automatic ‘Highlight’ of Tags

in drawings/documents

Direct access to external systems

Intuitive “Asset Centric Navigation” with the click of a screen

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Enables drawings and their associated content such as Xrefs and rasters to be stored into, managed within, and retrieved from eDOCS directly from the AutoCAD application, helping maintain consistency across an organisation.

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Combines the market leading enterprise visualisation solution, AutoVue™ with the strength and depth of the OpenText ECM Suite. Providing the ability to get true value from your engineering models, drawings and data.

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As a certified partner for Oracle’s AutoVue™, Cad-Capture offers a comprehensive range of AutoVue™ capability. Able to supply unique integrations to leading document management systems such as OpenText eDOCS DM.


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Content Suite

Cad-Capture have provided engineering add-ons to the Content Suite™ solution set for over a decade.


Cad-Capture also supports the Documentum™ product range. Working with the D2 platform, including the Asset Operations solution.


Cad-Capture provide a complete engineering suite for eDOCS, facilitating drawing and engineering document management within the eDOCS DM platform. 

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