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Index and upload

CaptureFlow streamlines your indexing and upload process in to OpenText™ Content Server™ and OpenText™ Documentum™, providing an intuitive and sometimes automatic metadata capture process. It manages your engineering document workflow, with AutoCAD, PDF and Microsoft Office compatibility.



A large image of a desktop with the OpenText Content Server page open and the tag information being accessed through CaptureFlow indexing.
A large image of a desktop with a CAD drawing open and a browser window hovering in front of it featuring the indexing data related to the drawing.


Automatically index based on CAD Title Blocks

CaptureFlow makes indexing fast, easy and (partly) automatic. 

Using CAD title blocks and folder paths to automatically populate metadata, configurable dropdown menus and information from within SAP, CaptureFlow quickly enriches your Enterprise Content Management experience with greater search capability.



Integrate SAP information into your indexing process

Link SAP to CaptureFlow to index based on information from your master data source. 

Create a link from the file to SAP with out HotSpots extension, passing in the information indexed from SAP for an intelligent, efficient and frustration-free end user experience, saving time, money and effort.


A browser window featuring an open drawing folder in OpenText Content Server and data relating to the drawing is being accessed from SAP.
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