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Unlock and access your engineering content, stored in external systems, directly from your engineering drawings and documents.


Access multiple systems (such as ERP, Asset Management, Plant Maintenance, etc.) directly from your CAD drawings and PDFs


A large image of CAD HotSpots enabled on a tablet with the right click menu open.

Asset Navigation

Drawing Management


CaptureLink from Cad-Capture brings true OpenText™ eDOCS DM integration to CAD. It enables drawings and their associated content such as Xrefs and rasters to be stored into, managed within and retrieved from eDOCS directly from the AutoCAD application, helping maintain consistency across an organisation, facilitating better decision making and improved productivity.


ECM Collaboration


Eliminates the mounting inefficiencies caused by the inability to manage documents as well as the “islands of information” prevalent in many global organizations. It helps control document-based knowledge assets by enabling users to capture, organize, locate and share business content in a secure, integrated, and intuitive environment. From documents, email, graphics, and forms to discussion threads, engineering drawings, scanned paper and electronic-based records, content is consolidated in a unified enterprise knowledge base for easy access and retrieval.


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