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Character - The Bottom Line

Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Attractive music vs. discordant noise is a distinction that shows up everywhere, whether it be in sweet smells, pleasant visuals or functioning systems. In the engineering fields, the wrestle between coherence and confusion is the difference between building and maintaining buildings that stand for decades versus folding under escalating costs and critical failures.

At Cad-Capture, we know that confusion costs. That’s why we’re driven to provide the most coherent asset navigation solution for big industry.

This care for coherence is the army that wins the war thanks to coherent supply chains, it’s the F1 winners who invested in optimising every detail, it’s the adult who questions what it means to be a parent.

Coherence stems from caring enough to question the details, to critically question ideas, to challenge expectations and to aim to bring more of the good into the world.

This desire has been described as a spark or intelligence, or the seed of greatness; our forebearers called it logos or spirit. Whatever it is, we at Cad-Capture are privileged to serve the remarkable visionary teams that pursue industrial size ideas in the face of large-scale asset and risk management, all to continually keep the lights on and our homes warm.

So, keep aiming upward to what good looks like. Your attentiveness makes a difference.


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