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Our Takeaway from Mental Health Week 2023

The biggest idea we’re taking from Mental Health Week 2023, is that anxiety is an inevitable part of momentum.

We're talking about thermodynamics take of entropy here - the natural tendency of systems to move from a state of order to a state of disorder or decay - all houses need upkeep.

Perhaps then, anxiety is a function of ignoring upkeep. Whether that be avoiding what you already have i.e., your body, your health, your family, your friends, your colleagues; or failing to take responsibility for your weaknesses, including incorporating accountability and addressing concerns or beliefs that are hindering you and your growth, failing to attend to drift is a cause for anxiety.

The opposite of failing to upkeep, is to excel, to perform, to be in action with integrity.

We’re proud to be in the business of supporting those who excel in being in action with integrity - Construction, energy, manufacturing, engineering.

Our societies stand upon their excellence.

What can you acknowledge yourself for in terms of your integrity? Let us know.


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