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Keep Entropy in Check with these 3 Essentials

'My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.’ - The Red Queen, Alice in Wonderland

In the last post we introduced our discussion around integrity and entropy. In this post we will detail three qualities that are needed to keep entropy in check.

  1. Consistency – small routine tasks (checks, maintenance etc.) cost time and resources. Knowing the cost, and likelihood, of critical decay and failure in mind keeps the necessity of these routines in mind.

  2. Efficiency – the more our systems or processes are streamlined and optimised, the less waste we produce. The best part is that efficiency scales beautifully.

  3. Diligence – just as the Red Queen says to Alice, you’ve got to keep running just to stay where we are and twice as fast if we want to get anywhere. Those who have got somewhere know this, the challenge is keeping up this diligence when you feel protected by what you’ve built.

The constant presence of entropy demands constant attention to consistency and efficiency. This means that regardless of any achievements that have been made, diligence is always needed.

In the next post, we share a breakdown of our discussion on entropy.


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