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Join us at the OpenText SolEx Expo!

You can register for this free event here.

Cad-Capture are delighted to be hosting our own breakout session at this event; covering how businesses can boost productivity with integrated access to critical engineering content through Asset Centric Navigation and OpenText Documentum & Content Suite with HotSpots, part of Cad-Capture's AIM Suite.

● Unlock and access your engineering content, stored in external systems, directly from your engineering drawings and documents

● Gain a single, integrated view in to all relevant assets, streamlining workflows and improving quality while maintaining safety and compliance

● Automatically activate the asset tags in your drawings by creating dynamic HotSpots to deliver true Asset Centric Navigation

Boost productivity with integrated access to critical engineering content

Our breakout session times:

Day 1 – 07:00 (BST) | 02:00 (EDT) | 14:00 (SGT)

Day 1 – 11:00 (BST) | 06:00 (EDT) | 18:00 (SGT)

Day 1 – 15:00 (BST) | 10:00 (EDT) | 22:00 (SGT)

Day 2 – 08:00 (BST) | 03:00 (EDT) | 15:00 (SGT)

Day 2 – 19:00 (BST) | 14:00 (EDT) | 02:00 18th September (SGT)

Day 2 – 23:00 (BST) | 18:00 (EDT) | 06:00 18th September (SGT)

You can register for the event here.

How to register for the breakout sessions

To register for the individual breakout sessions, please register for the event and - from the event page - click on the 'Agenda' button and you'll be taken to all the sessions available across the event. From here, you can search for 'Cad-Capture' or register for any of the breakout sessions titled 'Boost productivity with integrated access to critical engineering content'.

Our team will be available throughout the event to answer any questions you might have.

Hope to see you there!


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