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Join Cad-Capture for the 2021 SolEx Expo

As a proud member of the OT SolEx Partners Network, Cad-Capture are delighted to, once again, be hosting our own breakout session for this virtual event.

This is a graphic promoting our upcoming SolEx Expo breakout session: Get fast, secure access to critical engineering content with Asset Navigation by Cad-Capture. October 21st 2021, 3pm EDT.  SPEAKER: Chris Clark, Sales Director

Get fast, secure access to critical engineering content with Asset Navigation by Cad-Capture

October 21st 2021, 3pm EDT

To maintain and improve effective operations, organisations in engineering industries need to provide users with fast, reliable, secure access to required asset drawings, documents and information. Join Cad-Capture’s Sales Director, Chris Clark, as he discusses how to:

  • Unlock and access your engineering content, regardless of the system it’s stored in, directly from your engineering drawings and documents

  • Gain a single, integrated view of all relevant assets and related drawings/documents, streamlining workflows and improving quality while maintaining safety and compliance

  • Automatically activate the asset tags in your drawings by creating dynamic HotSpots to deliver true Asset Navigation

  • Improve quality and increase compliance with enhanced MDG (Master Data Governance) – maximising the value of the content you already have!


Improve Productivity

Ensure Security

Demonstrate Compliance


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