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Cad-Capture Delivers New Capabilities for OpenText Content Suite Users

Integration with OpenText Brava! Brings Enhanced Interactivity to End-User Experiences

Cad-Capture, a long standing OpenText™ partner, announced the launch of OpenText™ AIM HotSpots Server by Cad-Capture. This new integration allows users to quickly and easily extract, collate, correct and activate asset tags and document references – adding intelligence to tag information within CAD drawings and PDF documents. The solution has been developed with the support of OpenText and will be jointly sold by the two companies – making asset-centric navigation a reality for Cad-Capture and OpenText customers.

This smart solution includes three main components: OpenText AssetXtractor by Cad-Capture – incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) for the improved identification of asset tags within drawings/documents; OpenText AIM HotSpots Server by Cad-Capture – which can deliver automated, asset-centric navigation to the market-leading Brava! viewing and collaboration solution; and OpenText CaptureFlow by Cad-Capture – the workflow engine which ties AssetXtractor and HotSpots together, effortlessly uploading files and metadata into OpenText Content Suite.

Cad-Capture’s new integrations add an easy to use layer of interactivity to documents and CAD drawings and is ideal for use in any environment with structured tags or references. By clicking on a HotSpot in a drawing or document, you get fast access to related information from other files and systems.

The intuitive nature of the Asset Information Management (AIM) suite dramatically speeds up and streamlines the search and retrieval process for asset related drawings, documents and information with just the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. HotSpots provides easy access to other systems (such as ERP or Asset Management systems) and carries out asset-centric navigation directly from the drawing within Content Suite – overcoming the barriers between structured and unstructured data.

Asset tag errors and OCR inconsistencies are easily overcome by the AssetXtractor tool, which can help find and correct errors at a metadata level by parsing through native CAD files and searchable PDFs to identify, categorise and where needed, correct asset tags. All of this is delivered without any need for changes to the original drawings or documents.

Any industry using tags to identify assets and/or having problems with document references due to inconsistent or broken links between documents can benefit from the Cad-Capture AIM Suite.


About Cad-Capture

Cad-Capture has been providing engineering solutions across industry and around the globe for over 30 years. Headquartered in Blackburn UK, Cad-Capture has been an OpenText partner for over 12 years and its solutions have been on the OpenText price list for the last 8. Not only does the Cad-Capture AIM Suite deliver rapid, intuitive document search and retrieval and improve the quality of drawings and documents, it can also improve safety standards and provide increased regulatory compliance.  The ability to find, reference and utilise both structured and unstructured data from a single user interface means decisions can be made more quickly, issues resolved more successfully, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming re-work.


Phone: 0330 124 9124

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