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Cad-Capture expands the capabilities of their AIM suite with OpenText Cloud certification

A desktop screen, tablet, and smartphone lined up featuring the Cad-Capture HotSpots interface. This includes a CAD drawing with highlighted assets and a right click menu open for one of the assets. The menu shows users can access related documents, business workspace, associated equipment, unite health monitoring and other ERP systems from the asset HotSpot. Beneath the devices is the OpenText Cloud Certified logo.

Cad-Capture is delighted to announce that the Asset Information Management suite has been officially certified by the OpenText Cloud team. This certified solution delivers Asset Navigation by providing automatic access to engineering content, stored in drawings, engineering documents and external systems, with a slick, intuitive UI.

"As the AIM suite already delivers Asset Navigation to users of both Documentum and Content Suite, I am delighted that this certification now accommodates customers operating with OpenText in the Cloud.
This expansion into the cloud means that businesses using the AIM suite can further benefit from reduced costs, rapid deployment options and high availability."

- Chris Clark, Sales Director at Cad-Capture

To become certified by the OpenText Cloud solutions team, prospective solutions and their providers are carefully screened to ensure they meet OpenText’s international quality standards.

OpenText partner for over 15 years

Cad-Capture has been providing engineering solutions across industry and around the globe for over 30 years and has been an OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) Partner for over 15 years.

OpenText is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global scale. Cad-Capture is fully endorsed by OpenText as a 3rd Party software development company under their Gold Technology Partner Program.

Visit the dedicated OpenText partner page on our website to learn more about our 15+ years partnership with OpenText.

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