just got smarter

Work smarter with CAD HotSpots

Empower field workers by giving

system access through mobile devices.

Automatically unlock your engineering content.*

Enhance searching with consistent and reliable results.

Directly access allied systems, e.g. asset management, plant maintenance, ERP.

*For native CAD and PDF

Empower field workers by giving system access through mobile devices

Ready access to drawings and documents at the touch of a screen.


No more uncontrolled printouts or need to download ahead of work in the field.

Use mobile devices* to access key information, leveraging multiple systems from a smartphone or tablet.

*For Android™ and iOS

Automatically unlock access to engineering content from the drawing interface 

Automatically extract, correct, validate and activate tags from within drawings and documents (including native CAD and PDF).

Tags become dynamic links (HotSpots) between drawings, documents and systems.

Multi system access direct from a HotSpot.

Enhance navigation using HotSpots and HotSpots History.

Simplified Asset Centric Navigation

Filtering - search, zoom to, and highlight Tags on a busy drawing.

Find related documents - search your ECM from a tag. Overcome tag errors and inconsistencies between sites/ systems.

Continuation Tags - jump from drawing to drawing.

Directly access allied systems

Intuitive drill down to relevant information from multiple systems in One simple interface.

Easy access to allied systems such as ERP, asset management, and plant maintenance (e.g. Maximo, SAP, SmartPlant INtools, etc.)

Works how engineers think!

HotSpots HTML5 Release

HotSpots just got smarter; now available across multiple devices using Brava! 16.6+ for OpenText Content Server and Documentum.

Or download our latest HotSpots datasheets here

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