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Integrity, Entropy and System Health

In our previous blog series, we explored how anxiety, integrity and inertia are all interlinked. This leaves us with a question - how do we support integrity whilst everything is continually moving towards decay?

Let’s get a clue from our earliest support structure – the spine. Made up of both flexible disks and sturdy vertebrae, the spine allows for both movement and flexibility whilst maintaining stability.

If we relate to the 33 vertebrae as being the many components of a business, then we can relate to these disks as the communication systems that exist between all these various assets. The question of integrity, therefore, is a measure of your system’s capacity for flexibility and stability.

If your systems aren’t supple and resilient, then what’s the cost? Our main client base operates within the asset intensive industry sector and when they can’t find the correct information right when they need it then projects can quickly be delayed and turn time critical, which can potentially lead to safety and compliance being affected.

The only thing that stands in the way to the constant downward pull of inertia and entropy is ensuring that the balance between stability and flexibility is maintained.

In the next post we’ll look at the 3 keys to staying resilient amidst constant change.


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