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Inertia and Entropy. The Key Points

Last week we shared two thought pieces around the topic of Inertia and Entropy. Here's a breakdown of those posts:

To support a state of integrity, efficient structures and supporting systems need to be in place. Analogy – the spine is supported by flexible disks that absorb shocks so to protect the vertebrae from decay and failure

Key Take Away:

  • Structures are supported by systems. These systems work when they are flexible enough to withstand change and proficient enough to perform under stress.

With entropy, or the constant breaking down of systems and structures, being a constant, there are 3 qualities that need to be supported to keep integrity in front of entropy.

Key Take Away:

  • Diligence is needed to support both consistency and efficiency, which are the qualities needed to keep the inevitability of breakdown at bay.

In summary

Care for the details. We’re talking about maintenance, quality checks and continual improvement. To stay motivated, to keep due diligence over the small things, keep in mind that all structures are continually sloping downwards towards breakdown, and that it’s only our diligence that halts that downward spiral.

In short, integrity isn’t the destination, destruction is. However, whilst perfection cannot be achieved, impeccability can be strived for and it’s only this that keeps what has been built from decaying back into dust.

In distinguishing integrity as a question of attention, we move the conversation from concern and hope, to one of setting up and maintaining an attitude of diligence.

We hope you enjoyed reading. At Cad-Capture, we aren't experts on life and how to live it optimally, however we do offer solutions that allow you to optimally streamline, manage and support your entire asset portfolio.

In our next post, we will finish this series by expanding on what we feel our single biggest take away has been from exploring the topic of entropy.


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