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Anxiety and Performance. The Key Points [Mental Health Week 2023]

Last week we shared three thought pieces around anxiety for Mental Health Week 2023.

Here's a breakdown:

Focusing only on the primary goal without caring for our surrounding structures is neither smart nor sustainable, which will cultivate an ever-burgeoning anxiety as you approach closer and closer to burn-out.

Key Points

  • Support the parts that support you by keeping your spaces fresh and spacious.

  • Surround yourself with a support structure by delegating workloads where you can, investing in your self-care needs, and invite those closest to you to hold you accountable.

  • Secure your foundations by scheduling your time in a way that ensures the needs of your personal interests, work commitments, relationships and family are all catered for each week.

Just as taking care to maintain our environment is crucial for sustaining a life of action, we propose that taking responsibility for the environments that make up our home life and self-care is just as much an integrity concern as is fulfilling on our work commitments.

Key Points

  • Streamline your commitments, meaning being clear on what you can or can't do, as well as striving for efficiency so as not to risk coming undone by overstretching yourself or losing your bounce by not taking on enough responsibility.

  • Empower others to share your vision with you. We're talking about being a leader at the centre of your network that’s birthed from your vision and sustained by your commitment.

It's useful to separate the wheat from the chaff. With mental health we make a distinction between anxiety and vulnerability.

Key Points

  • In acknowledging where we're vulnerable we provide ourselves with an honest assessment of our game, which enables us to grow in performance.

  • In not acknowledging, or rather, not accepting, where we're vulnerable, our vulnerability becomes our anxiety and so for us, risk, flaws and the probability of an unwanted outcome all increase as we continue looking down rather than up.

In summary

Support the systems that support you. This means space and people, private, public and work. Ensure all these systems are secured by scheduling them into your weekly timetable. Streamline your commitments, empower others to share your vision.

Possibly the biggest takeaway is to distinguish what is within your control, and thus calls for your commitment to integrity, and what is out of your control, and thus calls for your acceptance and dedication to excellence.

In distinguishing anxiety as a question of integrity, sustainability and performance, we take responsibility for both the growth and the maintenance for ourselves and the systems we live in that make up our world.

We hope you enjoyed reading. At Cad-Capture, we can't state that we are experts on how to live an optimally sustained and thriving life, however we do offer solutions that allow you to optimally streamline and manage your entire asset portfolio.

In our next post, we will finish this series by expanding on what we feel our single biggest take away has been from exploring the topic of mental health and anxiety.


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