Asset Information Management

Cad-Capture’s Asset Information Management (AIM) suite provides the ability to Extract, Correct, Collate and Activate the Asset Tag information within your documentation. This means you can add value to the information you hold on your Assets by vastly improving the quality of, and access to, your Asset Tag details.

It also means the barriers between structured and unstructured information can be removed – so information, documents and drawings in separate systems (e.g. ERP & AM) can be automatically linked, referenced and retrieved with the click of the mouse – without the need to type in any search criteria!

Tag extraction with AssetXtractor

AssetXtractor allows the asset driven enterprise full access to the location of  the asset tag details within their engineering drawings and documents. Overcoming OCR errors and entry mistakes, AssetXtractor allows Asset Tags to be identified and harvested from AutoCAD, MicroStation and PDF files.

Whether employed to fully populate the meta-data on current drawings and documents and/or to harvest information in new files received on a daily basis, AssetXtractor helps save time and money by automating the process of locating which documents your assets are referenced in. Information such as the page number and the location within the document that your assets are referenced in are included

Automatic HotSpots

Once identified each tag can then become a dynamic link (HotSpot) using Cad-Capture’s HotSpots solution. This means that both a tag centric and a document-centric approach can be used by drilling down to the information required. AN example of this would be clicking on a plot plan down to a unit then on to a drawing  type or a specific piece of equipment. All of this can be done with 3 simple clicks – and no typing of search criteria is needed

Content Relationship Management

The asset tag location information, showing when and where a Tag occurs, can be imported into OpenText's marketing leading ECM solutions Content Server and eDOCS DM using Cad-Capture's CaptureFlow tool. Search, reference and retrieval is then possible in a true content centric approach (e.g. via Asset Tag) as well as via the more traditional document-centric approach.

Correct OCR errors & entry mistakes

If the scan of the document is poor quality then the OCR process often fails to capture the correct text & Asset Tag detail. Also the original entry of the Asset Tag information into the native document, e.g. an AutoCAD .dwg drawing, is itself open to errors as the naming convention is not always followed correctly. Cad-Capture’s AssetXtractor overcomes both these problems – recognising the specific pattern for a particular asset and highlighting the level of confidence around  the accuracy of each Asset identified.

This means that, whilst no changes are made to the original document,  Asset Tag information can then be used to   locate and retrieve documents where the Tag is referenced.

List of features:

  • Manage Asset Tags electronically in your ECM

  • Automatically identify & extract Tags from CAD & PDF drawings/docs

  • Correct Tag entry mistakes & OCR errors

  • Turn Asset Tags into Automatic HotSpots

  • Tag focussed content relationship management

  • Auto drill-down from drawing GUI – plot plan – unit – equipment etc.

  • Navigate between Continuation Tags with one click

  • Automatically pull information from other systems e.g. ERP & AM 


List of Benefits

  • Faster response time to inquiries and events

  • Improved ability to make informed decisions

  • Break down the barriers between structured and unstructured information – access docs and info in related systems e.g. ERP and asset management, from tags on engineering drawings and documentation.

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