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Asset Navigation
with The AIM Suite

We provide customizable solutions for business around the world to work smarter through intelligent, integrated, asset navigation

AssetXtractor - Capture. Correct. Export.
CAD & PDF Data

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Going above and beyond scanned documentation, AssetXtractor lifts the data from CAD and PDF files
and exports it to an excel spreadsheet for easy, searchable access.

Captures include metadata validation and multivariant rules creation so that captures are accurate and robust.

Extract all of your data or only the specific assets that
you need for an even faster turn around.

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CaptureFlow - Multiple Template Extraction
CAD & PDF Data

CaptureFlow expands your capture capability with
unlimited template creation.

Add additional meta-deta and upload in bulk to

Integrates with Content Server™ and Documentum™
by OpenText™, Maximo™ by IBM™ and SAP™

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HotSpots - Intelligent Asset Integration
CAD & PDF Data + Multimedia and Documentation

Connect all associated documents and media seamlessly to your assets, from purchase and installation dates, to health and safety documentation, specification sheets, photos and videos.

Keep track of your workflow with enhanced navigation and HotSpot history through the OpenText Brava! viewer.

Integrate all of your asset related documentation across such major management systems as Content Server™ and Documentum™ by OpenText™, Maximo™ by IBM™ and SAP™. 

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