CaptureTag for AutoCAD

In the process industry the management of process lines, pipes and equipment is a vital business function regulated by the Health and Safety Executive.capturetag1thumb

Access to up-to-date information such as, e.g. material type, size, content, age, condition, inspection dates, temperature and pressure etc, is critical in ensuring that maintenance work is carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

CaptureTag for AutoCAD Datasheet – Download

Seamlessly integrated within the Livelink ECM – eDOCS™ – DM environment, CaptureTag for AutoCAD is an essential tool for managing structured CAD drawings including process flow schematics such as, e.g. PEFS and P&IDs.

CaptureTag for AutoCAD adds intelligence to AutoCAD drawings residing in Livelink ECM – eDOCS™ – DM by tagging individual drawing elements according to, e.g. their equipment or line number, which is stored as extended entity data, enabling drawings associated with a specific element or group of elements to be recovered, alongside other related documents, with agility and ease.

Interoperable with Cad-Capture’s CaptureVue add-on module for Livelink ECM – eDOCS™ – DM, drawings can be viewed with matching elements highlighted, facilitating easy identification when previewing, e.g. complex PEFS or P&IDs.