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CaptureVue™ for OpenText Content Server and eDOCS DM

CaptureVue from Cad-Capture combines the market leading enterprise visualisation solution, AutoVue from Oracle, with the strength and depth of the OpenText ECM Suite. Providing the ability to get true value from your engineering models, drawings and data, CaptureVue is unparalleled in its versatility and range of features in the ECM market today.

Deployed globally across multiple industry sectors, CaptureVue delivers the ability to create, control and distribute general office documents and complex engineering data in a fast, efficient and secure manner – taking the best of the OpenText benefits to the engineering community.

CaptureVue Datasheet – Download

OpenText ECMcapturevue3D-model-tn

CaptureVue integrates with Content Server and eDOCS DM, ensuring controlled access to documents and enabling mark-up creation, printing and real-time collaboration directly from the ECM user interface.

Multi format viewing

CaptureVue supports the vast majority of major 3D, 2D and office formats – over 450 different file types can be viewed without the need for the originating applications, including 3D formats from AutoCAD, MicroStation, SolidWorks and Solid Edge.

Mark Up and Redline CapabilitiesMark-up and redline capabilities

Easily mark-up documents with a variety of entities such as clouds, notes, text, measurements and symbols, and save into the ECM.

As part of a design review, multiple mark-ups can be opened and consolidated, and a sign-off stamp used to ensure security and compliance. Mark-ups from previous document versions may be loaded to ensure all necessary revision changes have been made.

Real time collaborationreal-time-collaboration-tn

Multiple users can review, comment on and discuss documents together in real-time, with the resultant mark-up being stored in the ECM, containing the list of collaborators. This helps speed up the design review process, enabling faster decision making and reducing the need for travel, saving time and money.

Approving-Invoice-tnPrinting and watermarks

Powerful printing capabilities enable users to print documents either singly or in batches to both large and small format printers, adding watermarks, stamps, headers and footers. Headers and footers may include attribute data from the document, and can be controlled centrally. Mark-ups can be printed with the document, which can be printed in its entirety or only a specified area, to scale or to fit. CaptureVue matches pen colours and line widths to the CAD authoring application, enabling identical prints to be produced.

Beyond comparison

Instantly identify the differences between versions of a drawing with the in-built compare changes feature – highlight omissions, additions and unchanged information in both 3D models, 2D drawings and PDFs. Identify components in 3D models and dynamically highlight all other occurrences of that component in the model.

Web based viewing

As a true thin client with a light footprint, CaptureVue provides the ability to access and work on files without the need for expensive CAD tools. Rotation, measurement, explosion and 3D walkthroughs are all available within a standard web browser, from anywhere where access is permitted.

A complete solution

CaptureVue solutions integrate with OpenText CAD Manager for Content Server and CaptureLink for eDOCS DM, allowing AutoCAD and MicroStation models and drawings (including Xrefs and inserted rasters) to be created in, controlled by and distributed within Content Server and eDOCS DM environments and beyond. This means you can manage all your office documents, engineering drawings and legacy files within the ECM, and then distribute them to a wider audience – allowing the right person to view the right version of the right drawing/document… at the right time!

CaptureVue integrates with OpenText Content Server (formerly Livelink Enterprise Server) and eDOCS DM

Oracle’s AutoVue also provides a multi-format viewing, mark-up and real time collaboration integration for SAP, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, ENOVIA MatrixOne, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) and Oracle Agile PLM, Autodesk Vault

View, Mark-up and Collaborate in real time on CAD files created in MicroStation, Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks Solid Edge, CATIA Pro/ENGINEER …and many more

Over 450 file formats supported including PDF, Microsoft Office, All major graphics formats, inc. TIFF, Legacy formats, inc. WordPerfect and 1-2-3

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