CaptureVue Connector

CaptureVue Connector™ for OpenText Content Server & eDOCS DM

CaptureVue Connector™ for OpenText Livelink ECM & eDOCS DM (formerly Hummingbird Enterprise™ – DM) adds engineering document viewing and mark-up capabilities to the DM client. It provides a seamless user interface and tight integration at both the client and server levels between eDOCS DM and AutoVue Web Edition.

CaptureVue Connector Datasheet – Download


Mark-ups/Annotations/Redlines are automatically saved on the server and are available to other users to edit or view, depending on their document access level.

Custom applications can be created to extract relevant information from an AutoCAD or MicroStation file, and automatically link it with information (such as a Bill of Materials) available in the Document Management vault. This brings the concept of intelligent drawings to a new level.

CaptureVue Connector™ allows existing VueLink for Hummingbird DM users to maintain their investment in AutoVue and OpenText Livelink ECM & eDOCS DM (formerly Hummingbird Enterprise™ – DM) when they upgrade to AutoVue 19.2c1/OpenText Livelink ECM – eDocs DM 5.2 or later.

Features & Benefits

  • Securely view documents in eDOCS DM without editing them.
  • Support for over 450 Engineering and Business document formats.
  • View multiple mark-up files.
  • Create mark-ups/redlines/annotations using a rich set of annotation tools.
  • Consolidate several mark-up files (perhaps from different reviewers) into one file.
  • Control regular, Read only, Master and Consolidated mark-up access to mark-up files.
  • Mark-ups are associated with a specific revision of a document.
  • Mark-ups may be migrated to new revisions if needed.
  • Graphically compare different revisions of Engineering drawings.
  • Add information from eDocs DM in Watermarks, Headers and Footers when printing.

Cad-Capture has extensive experience of implementing integrated solutions for Energies, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering sector clients such as e.g. ConocoPhillips and Odfjell Drilling.