OpenText ECM Suite

opentext-logoYour content is one of your most valuable assets. But the explosive growth of information makes content difficult to manage – and hinders your ability to realise its full value. Unmanaged content also poses risk to your organisation through inefficiency, lost revenue and noncompliance.

Take control of your content

Take control of your content with an information governance strategy to address compliance, litigation readiness, eDiscovery, and rising storage costs.

Put content to work for you

OpenText ECM Suite 2010 automates routine, transactional processes to drive efficiency and operational excellence within your organisation.

Profit from your content

ECM Suite 2010 supports a richer, more interactive Web experience to attract customers, engage them with compelling content and keep them on your site.

How do you turn your content from a liability to an asset so you can get the maximum value from it? You create controls that govern how content is retained, for how long and how it is disposed of, so you comply with applicable laws and reduce eDisovery costs. You publish and distribute your content in a consistent way through marketing channels like the Web, so you take advantage of new opportunities to engage prospects, build loyalty and generate revenue. You give employees and partners easy access to the content and business processes so they can work at peak efficiency, in the office, or on the road.

OpenText ECM Suite 2010 changes all that by allowing you to do more with your content than you’ve ever been able to do before. ECM Suite 2010 helps organisations like yours take control of your content, monetise the content you create and drive efficiencies through optimised content-based processes. With OpenText ECM Suite 2010, you can manage your content in compliance with corporate governance, create an engaging online experience for customers, partners and employees and empower a more productive and mobile workforce with access to access to critical content everywhere.