eDOCS Engineering Suite

Create, Control, Collaborate on and Approve your engineering content with eDOCS DM Engineering Suite.

All components of the engineering value chain – including engineers, document controllers, EPCM’s, suppliers and designers alike – need the ability to work effectively  with large volumes of complex engineering documents and different file types in a controlled, managed environment.


OpenText eDOCS DM

Cad-Capture extends the world class functionality of OpenText eDOCS DM, allowing the inclusion of the engineering functions of an organisation, including engineering documentation and complex 2D & 3D drawings, with the eDOCS DM Engineering Suite.

One source of truth

The Engineering Suite enhances eDOCS DM – providing a single source of truth across all departments – utilising one repository for a vast array of file types – from MS Office, PDF and image files  to complex 2D and 3D CAD files.

Mark-up and redline capabilities

Easily mark-up documents with a variety of entities such as clouds, notes, text, measurements and symbols, and save into the ECM.

As part of a design review, multiple mark-ups can be opened and consolidated, and a sign-off stamp used to ensure security and compliance. Mark-ups from previous document versions may be loaded to ensure all necessary revision changes have been made.

Create & Manage native CAD files

Create and Manage complex 2D & 3D AutoCAD CAD files within eDOCS DM – including Xrefs and Hybrid elements (also integrating with AutoCAD Raster Design).

The eDOCS Engineering Suite allows controlled collaboration within the organisation and across the extended enterprise – providing effective communication with internal stakeholders and external partners alike.


  • Dramatically streamline search and retrieval processes for CAD drawings & engineering documentation & CAD drawings
  • Secure, controlled access to the right version of the right document  – securely accessed by the right person
  • Use drawings as a dash-board for reporting and better/faster decision making
  • Secure access to over 300 different file formats
  • Version control of vital engineering CAD drawings
  • Automatically import complex CAD files into a secure, managed environment

CaptureLink for AutoCAD & MicroStation

CaptureLink integrates AutoCAD and MicroStation CAD files with eDOCS DM. Features include:

  • Bi-directional link between profile forms and title blocks
  • Fully text searchable drawings
  • Effective management of Xrefs and Hybrid elements within eDOCS DM
  • Create, update and maintain native AutoCAD and MicroStation files within eDOCS DM

Visualisation with CaptureVue for eDOCS DM

CaptureVue provides controlled view and mark-up of over 300 file formats

– including 2D and 3D CAD.

Additional features include:

  • True fidelity preview and thumbnails for rapid searching
  • Real Time collaboration for concurrent working
  • Automatic HotSpots for linking systems and documents
  • Breaking down the barriers between structured and unstructured data.

Transfer of information

Fast, efficient exchange of complex engineering documentation with Cad-Capture’s range of transfer solutions – including:

• CAD CD Import

• CAD CD Export

• CAD Bulk Upload utility

Covering the initial upload as a result of the purchase of a new plant or facility – through to the daily project needs to transfer CAD files into and out of the organisation – Cad-Capture has the solution to meet your needs.

Identify, extract & correct Asset Tag info

Identification, extraction and correction* of asset tags from native CAD files (AutoCAD and MicroStation) and PDF documentation and drawings.

Engineering Success with eDOCS DM

OpenText’s eDOCS DM and Cad-Capture’s Engineering Suite combined mean that you can maximize the business value of your work product through improved collaboration, organization, control and retrieval your key information and particularly engineering assets.