CaptureTransmit™ – A Simple Solution for Complex Collaboration

surveyorsA unique solution from Cad-Capture, CaptureTransmit™ is a fast and reliable addition to OpenText eDOCS DM (formerly Hummingbird Enterprise – Document Management System) allowing users to quickly and efficiently manage Transmittals and Submittals – a vital part of any Capital Project.

The complexity and volume of information that is often generated during a capital project can be overwhelming. This means that the benefit of being able to manage information transfer and communication across the lifecycle of a project, from the initial planning stage right through to full operation, is constantly increasing. The ability to control costs and ensure compliance and on time delivery can be increased with effective use of Cad-Captures Transmittals solution – CaptureTransmit™.

Collaboration is central to the successful running of Capital projects. The lifeblood of any project is the asset’s drawings, specifications and the various technical information and documents that are associated with them. The effective use of a transmittal allows managed collaboration with the sharing of this information between all of the parties involved in a capital project. It can facilitate the reviewing, commenting and approval processes needed to allow a project to be run as quickly and cost effectively as possible. It also provides an audit trail illustrating the transfer of information, decisions made and parties involved for future reference – often helping to resolve disputes in the future and even determine liability.

CaptureTransmit™ is integrated with OpenText eDOCS DM (formerly Hummingbird DM), ensuring users can create and issue transmittals to internal and external users in a controlled way. Internal and External eDOCS DM users can create and issue transmittals to all project participants, including non-DM users. Transmittals may be saved, then edited and issued at a later date.

Transmittal recipients receive emails when transmittals are issued. Recipient emails may include either links to the transmittal cover sheet and the transmittal document in the eDOCS DM – most useful when the recipient has access to the DM; the transmittal cover sheet and documents as email attachments (optionally zipped), or the transmittal cover sheet and documents may be uploaded to FTP or Project sites, and links to the upload documents included in the email. For recipients requiring hardcopy documents, the print room is notified via email of the transmittal cover sheet and contents.

When a transmittal is issued, a Transmittal cover sheet is created for each transmittal recipient and stored in the eDOCS DM repository as a published document. Security is applied so that only the recipient and the originating organisation can view the transmittal. The transmittal is related to all documents issued on the transmittal. A Master Transmittal cover sheet is also created listing all recipients, documents and reasons for issue.