Document Retrieval – Perkins Engines

perkins-logoThe Stafford manufacturing plant of Perkins Engines Company Limited (PE) recently seized the opportunity to improve the retrieval of information contained within engineering drawings that were stored on 18,350 aperture cards. Perkins Engines saw the opportunity to speed up response, increase efficiency and decrease costs, all by changing the way the information was stored from aperture card media to a more readily accessible form. This improvement was made all the more pressing because the Stafford site is currently experiencing phenomenal success and is busier than it has ever been.

Images of documents and drawings, previously scanned by Cad-Capture, had been instantly accessible from any point on the Caterpillar worldwide network for some time. When it became necessary to frequently access these particular aperture cards Perkins Engines staff at Stafford were quick to see the method of access would translate well to scanned image.

As Cad-Capture had reliably scanned hundreds of thousands of aperture cards for Perkins Engines, Peterborough and Shrewsbury sites some years earlier their Central Purchasing Group recommended contacting Cad-Capture once again to see if they could be of assistance.

Cad-Capture presented a total solution. The aperture cards were collected and scanned into a TIFF format that was compatible with the previous images supplied and would work well with their existing systems e.g. Teamcenter Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System. The resulting images were indexed by part number, issue number, sheet number and number of sheets. All indexed data was provided in an Excel workbook ready to import into the existing systems.

The images were also hyperlinked to the index data. This provided an additional structured yet inexpensive way of accessing the images. The images and index data were delivered back to Perkins Engines on DVD.

Adrian Crosby of Perkins Engines said, “Cad-Capture came in to investigate our requirements. They combined their extensive experience of scanning and indexing aperture cards with their extensive experience of working with Perkins Engines, our procedures and our systems. Cad-Capture proposed a service that once again proved to be efficient and effective. Despite us giving them some additional and unexpected work Cad-Capture still managed to complete the project to budget and plan. We are very pleased with the end result”.