News for 2006

February 2006

Due South!

Building on the success of our first AssetCaptureexternal link Roadshow in November 2005 which took place in Stirling, Scotland, the next event has moved south.

The event will take place at Bristol Golf Club on Thursday 27 April 2006. Cad-Capture will demonstrate its highly acclaimed AssetCapture solution for converting property portfolios into Intelligent CAD Files.

Property, Asset and Estates Managers are invited to take part in this free event which will provide them with an understanding of how AssetCapture can help with their future Asset Management Planning.

March 2006

Best in Class

Cad-Capture has been a BSI registered company since 1994 and recently had its yearly BSI Assessment for its BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System and passed with flying colours. A number of very positive comments were made in the report and a couple are listed below:

*The Quality Management System is seen to be a Best In Class and is very user friendly*

The employees demonstrated a very positive attitude to the system and its use and application. The company’s policy is to exceed the expectations of its customers by continually reviewing and improving the QMS.

This is a great achievement for Cad-Capture in continuing its registration for over a decade!

April 2006

Bunker Uncovered

Earlier this year, Cad-Capture was awarded a contract by the London Borough of Newham to undertake full measured surveys and produce CAD floor plans of some council owned buildings, one of which included a nuclear bunker which has not been accessed for the past few years.

The bunker was situated under the main playground of a school in Newham. It was necessary to explore exactly what the bunker contained, as the Council had plans to develop the site in the vicinity of the bunker. To gather such information, Cad-Capture’s surveyors had to perform a full measured survey and take digital photographs from inside the bunker.

Access to the bunker was by ladder via a manhole in the school playground. Specialist equipment including breathing apparatus, winch and safety harnesses was required together with a portable generator for power and halogen lighting.

Upon investigation a warren of 12 rooms was discovered in the time-warp complex intended to house East London officials in times of national emergency. The building fabric had deteriorated somewhat and a number of rooms were flooded. The surveyors also noted possible previous access routes which had been blocked up over time.

Over the 10 years Cad-Capture has provided its AssetCapture solution, never has it had to survey such a unique space! Who knows what they might find next?

May 2006

New Technology for the Construction and Engineering Industries

Cad-Capture’s philosophy is to continually develop new products and has introduced a number of groundbreaking products; CaptureLink for AutoCAD, CaptureLink for MicroStation, CaptureVue 2D, CaptureVue 3D and CaptureTransmit. These new technology components have been developed for the Construction and Engineering industries as add-in modules for Hummingbird Enterprise™, from the leading global provider of enterprise software solutions, Hummingbird Ltd.

Cad-Capture has a wealth of experience in the Construction and Engineering sectors, combined with extensive expertise in core technologies. Cad-Capture provides a range of modular and interoperable solutions and services for capturing, managing, accessing and controlling a wide variety of project related content, enabling clients to take control of business critical information and processes, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing, streamlining efficiency and improving delivery in a competitive and demanding market.

CaptureLink for AutoCAD and CaptureLink for MicroStation are client extensions for Hummingbird Enterprise™ – DM. CaptureLink is required by project participants who need access to drawings which reside in DM libraries direct from AutoCAD/MicroStation authoring applications. CaptureLink includes bi-directional updates of the title block attributes, support xrefs/reference files and content search capability.

CaptureVue 2D and CaptureVue 3D are an add-in modules for Hummingbird Enterprise™ – DM and Collaboration with a multi-format view, print and mark-up capabilities. CaptureVue is required by project participants needing to review and authorise project related content and deliverables. Providing ‘real-time’ document based collaboration, full details of collaboration sessions including mark-ups and discussion threads can be saved to the DM library as a record of the decision making process. CaptureVue supports a wide variety of native formats including popular 2D CAD, with extended support for 3D parts and assemblies.

CaptureTransmit is the latest addition to Cad-Capture’s technology portfolio and provides project participants such as document controllers, with the ability to easily create, issue, distribute and track transmittals.

June 2006

Planning for the future

Cad-Capture has recently completed a project for Capita Symonds on behalf of Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council to scan all the Council’s planning applications dating from 1st January 1974 to the present day.

Part of a nationwide e-Planning’ initiative, the Council embarked on the project to help satisfy criteria outlined in the National Planning Website Review by Peter Pendleton and Associates regarding the exchange of planning information via the Internet, now assessed against Audit Commission Best Value Performance Indicators 109 and 205.

The initiative aims to improve the service provided by Local Planning Authorities by delivering convenient, round-the-clock access to, e.g. applications, plans, decisions and appeals etc, whilst reducing operational costs and response times.

With Cad-Capture having successfully completed another large scale scanning project in 2004 enabling Capita Symonds to minimise its storage requirements following a move into new, prestigious, purpose-built offices in Blackburn, the multi-disciplinary consultancy practice appreciated that the quality of service provided would be of paramount importance in helping Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council achieve its aims in regards to e-Planning and, as such, selected Cad-Capture following an extensive assessment of the country’s leading scanning bureaus.

A phased approach was taken, with Cad-Capture processing the most recent planning applications first. These were available as paper files comprising a wide variety of both large and small format documentation including, e.g. plans, correspondence and decision notices etc. Over 6,000 paper planning applications were processed comprising a total of 220,000 pages.

Subsequent phases involved the capture of over 28,000 planning applications which had been archived to microfiche as 16 mm and 35 mm frames inserted into clear plastic jackets. Images comprising each planning application were released in Adobe PDF format and indexed according to Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council’s unique reference number for upload into the Council’s document management system. An industry standard format, Adobe PDF was chosen because of its ability to easily incorporate both large and small format images within a single file and ease of navigation with, e.g. thumbnail images and content search capability.

Simon Watts, Managing Director of Cad-Capture said that, “Having worked with over 50 Local Authorities across the UK, Cad-Capture is delighted to extend its already considerable portfolio of services to help clients realise their e-Planning ambitions”.

Tony Ennis, Associate Director at Capita Symonds said that, “Both Capita Symonds and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council are extremely pleased with the quality of service provided and have no hesitation in recommending Cad-Capture to other Local Planning Authorities embarking on similar projects”.

July 2006

Cad-Capture engineers solution for Parsons Brinckerhoff

Cad-Capture and Hummingbird have implemented a project-centric content management solution for Parsons Brinkerhoff, one of the worlds leading planning, engineering, program and construction management and operations and maintenance firms.

Comprising core Hummingbird Enterprise TM – DM and Collaboration technology components, the solution enables Parsons Brinckerhoff to manage, share and collaborate on a variety of project related content such as e.g. e-mails, drawings, project plans etc, with third party project participants including clients, suppliers and contractors etc.

Key features include a flexible, scalable and secure environment for managing project related content, together with project centric workspaces, providing efficient collaboration by combining content, discussion threads and calendaring capabilities etc.

Involved in scoping and implementing the solution, Cad-Capture also delivered various drawing management components including direct integration for AutoCAD with support for xrefs and synchronisation of title block attributes for efficient profiling using its CaptureLink for AutoCAD client extension for Hummingbird Enterprise™ – DM, as well as the ability to view, print and mark-up a variety of project related content, including native 2D CAD formats such as e.g. AutoCAD, regardless of desktop authoring application across various distributed UK sites using CaptureVue 2D.

Following the success of this implementation, Parsons Brinckerhoff intends to make Hummingbird Enterprise™ available across their global business operation.sets.

August 2006

School Governance & Management – Measuring the Capacity of Schools in Wales Rheoli a Llywodraethu Ysgolion – Mesur Capasiti Ysgolion yng Nghymru

Cad-Capture is proud to announce another innovative first in Asset Management!

In July 2006, the National Assembly for Wales issued its guidance “Measuring the Capacity of Schools in Wales”, together with proforma Capacity Assessment spreadsheets for primary and secondary schools.

Just a few weeks later Cad-Capture enhanced its AssetCapture solution to automatically populate the Capacity Assessment spreadsheets directly from CAD floor plans. Both Welsh and English language versions are available. For the past six years Cad-Capture has been expertly providing similar capacity calculations for many Local Authorities in England under DfES* guidelines.

The capacity of a school is the number of pupils it can accommodate. This guidance together with spreadsheets provides the method to derive the capacity of primary and secondary schools and the appropriate admission numbers. This method can be used immediately: to report on surplus capacity; where it is intended to change an existing standard number (by publishing a statutory proposal) before to 2008-09 admissions round; and for planning school places.

The process of gathering the capacity information and entering it manually is laborious and prone to error. Cad-Capture’s solution generates accurate Capacity Assessment spreadsheets in seconds, with no room for error, providing the CAD floor plans are up to date.

A number of Local Authorities are already benefiting from Cad-Capture’s solution and have found the speed, accuracy, convenience and cost savings to be unbeatable. The solution is available as licensed software or as a service.

Simon Watts, Managing Director of Cad-Capture said: “The introduction of this service means that through innovation and forward thinking, Cad-Capture is continually striving to provide its customers with a Best Value solution.”

About Asset Management Planning Asset Management Planning processes and the underlying data provide a basis for making decisions on spending priorities. AMPs are key plans in terms of ensuring overall best value and improvements in standards from capital investment in buildings.

September 2006

Cad-Capture continues investing in people

Cad-Capture is celebrating once again after retaining the prestigious Investors in People (IIP) standard for the fourth time since it was first awarded in 1997. The standard helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of their people.
The framework involves:

  • Plan – developing strategies to improve the performance of the organisation
  • Do – taking action to improve the performance of the organisation
  • Review – evaluating the impact on the performance of the organisation

Simon Watts, Managing Director of Cad-Capture said: “Cad-Capture’s employees and customers benefit from the improved company performance and customer service implemented through investment in its people. I am delighted that we have passed again with flying colours.”

October 2006

CaptureNet Release

Cad-Capture would like to announce a new software solution, CaptureNet, with a proposed release date of April 2007.

CaptureNet is a web-based search and retrieval solution; with advanced view and print facilities for over 200 file formats including AutoCAD, MicroStation, TIFF, JPEG, PDF (and many more!), offering quick and easy access to documentation via an intuitive and simple-to-use interface.

CaptureNet’s thin-client, based on a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 platform, is easy to administer, negating the need to visit client PCs to install software and will be enable all users, remote or otherwise, to access and collaborate on drawings regardless of geographic location.

Some benefits include:

  • Readily Accessible: CaptureNet is readily accessible via your web server using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Quickly Recover Documents: A customised search facility allows specific documents to be recovered from the CaptureNet repository using data obtained during indexing.
  • Easily Navigate to Specific Regions of Interest: A variety of features including zoom, pan etc which allows users to quickly navigate to specific regions of interest within a document
  • Ease of Administration: A thin-client, server based solution, CaptureNet is easy to administer and negates the need to visit client PCs to install software.
  • Mark-up and Annotate Documents: The ability to quickly recover documentation is an invaluable capability. More valuable still is the power to augment content – by adding notes, observations, instructions and references.
  • Extensive mark-up tools: Facilitate communication and collaboration between team members by allowing users to annotate and provide feedback on specific documents using a wide variety of useful entities, text and objects.
  • Collaborate real-time: Collaborate real-time with other users in a distributed environment using extensive mark-up tools and messaging facility.

November 2006

Cad-Capture is to exhibit at the Asset Management Planning Network National Conference 2006

Cad-Capture is proud to be invited to exhibit again at this year’s Asset Management Planning Network National Conference organised by CIPFA/IPF which will take place at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on 28th November 2006.

This is the second year the event has been held and it will be presented to the largest network of Asset Management professionals within the UK Public Sector. The conference will introduce Asset Management – Unlocking the door to Improvement and Efficiency.

Cad-Capture will demonstrate its AssetCapture solution for converting property portfolios into Intelligent CAD Files and automatically populates the data with any Asset Management system.

December 2006

Major Utilities contract!

Cad-Capture (Blackburn, UK) has been awarded the Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) data services contract for United Utilities, possibly the largest PAI contract to date.

The major six-figure deal was won against stiff competition due to Cad-Capture’s technical and commercial strengths and experience in this field.

Simon Watts, Managing Director of Cad-Capture said: “Once again Cad-Capture has the opportunity to work with United Utilities in a partnership that has been established over the past 20 years. Winning this project is a tremendous achievement and a testament to the quality of service provided by Cad-Capture.”

About PAI

Current OS digital mapping originates from 1950’s mapping and the conversion resulted in poor absolute accuracy in rural areas.

Global Positioning Systems technology (GPS) and geographical information systems (GIS) have moved ahead of map data and greater accuracy was necessary.

From 2001 to 2006 Ordnance Survey (OS) has undertaken a national programme of ‘Positional Accuracy Improvement’ (PAI) for rural digital mapping and this has introduced a requirement for government agencies, utilities and local authorities, etc. to realign any digital assets or features referenced to OS mapping if the revised PAI mapping is to be loaded to the GIS system.

PAI mainly impacts the 1:2500 scale OS ‘Land-Line’ mapping and has created varying and inconsistent shift to map features typically of 1 to 3m but as much as 13m. The latest OS mapping product ‘MasterMap’ will only hold PAI map versions for rural areas and it is the OS intention for ‘MasterMap’ to replace the existing ‘Land-Line’ mapping product in 2008.

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