News for 2005

January 2005

Be Inspired Lancashire Business Awards 2005

Each year Business Link hold the “Be Inspired Lancashire Business Awards” and this year Cad-Capture has decided to enter into the “Lancashire Digital Development Agency Award for Excellence through E-business” category.

The business awards recognise the achievements of local businesses and rewards them for their commitment to excellence. Winning companies will share £10,000 prize money and acknowledgement at a high profile awards ceremony.

There are 10 categories in total, and after a record number of entries, 34 nominees have been unveiled. Cad-Capture has been shortlised to one of four companies out of almost 300 entries for the e-Business category and the results will be announced at the awards ceremony on 11 February 2005 at the Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

February 2005

Cad-Capture is awarded verify status

Cad-Capture is registered on the Achilles Utilities Vendor Database™ (UVDB) and has recently been awarded verify status. UVDB is the supplier database used by the UK utility industry to source current and potential suppliers of major products, services and works.

UVDB aims to provide and share supplier pre-qualification information, reducing costs, time and administrative workload while increasing opportunities to both suppliers and utilities. The UVDB has been in operation since 1995 and is now used by over fifty utilities, covering electricity, water, gas and telecom sectors.

Cad-Capture has a wealth of experience in the utilities sector developing solutions that enable long-term customers to take control of business critical information and processes for improved service, delivery, reduced costs and higher profitability, in an increasingly regulated and demanding market.

Recently, Cad-Capture decided to take its registration a step further by applying for verify status. UVDBverify simplifies the pre-qualification process by emphasizing Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), providing an opportunity for service providers to demonstrate their capability in these areas.

Cad-Capture became aware of the verify scheme through one of its major utility clients who suggested that this would be the way forward for all future business ventures. The next step was for Cad-Capture to complete an extensive questionnaire. Verify status is not easy to achieve and few IT companies have successfully completed the questionnaire.

It was decided to invite one of the UVDB highly trained assessors to spend the day at Cad-Capture’s office to thoroughly evaluate all existing SHEQ systems and produce a management report. The assessments take place every two years to ensure that the company continues to improve and benchmark itself against other suppliers. When the assessor completed the Management Report, the results were published with each of the SHEQ areas receiving percentage points.

Cad-Capture is registered as a provider of a number of different services on UVBD and moving to verify status highlights Cad-Capture’s commitment to the utilities market. For further information on Achilles UVDB please visit: www.achilles.comexternal linkte property portfolio.

March 2005

Cad-Capture launches CapturePro LineList

Cad-Capture employs around 80 people providing information management solutions to industry.

In the process industry the management of process lines, pipes and equipment is a vital business function regulated by the Health and Safety Executive. This important record data includes information such as material type, size, content, age, condition, inspection, dates, temperature, pressure, etc. In the oil and gas sector this data is often known as a linelist. Traditionally linelists have consisted of paper lists or simple spreadsheets.

Cad-Capture developed a unique software solution to manage linelists across an enterprise using simple intuitive web interface. The CapturePro Linelist solution was developed using the Microsoft.NET Framework and supports and Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database. The system tightly integrates with ERP systems such as SAP and portal applications such as Hummingbird and Microsoft Sharepoint.

The CapturePro LineList solution was developed initially for international integrated energy company ConocoPhillips, the largest refiner in the United States and is set to revolutionise how linelists are managed around the world. A team of seven software developers were involved in the project over a number of years. The finished solution represents about four man-years development.

CapturePro LineList will transform working practices and improve efficiency and safety in the process industry.

April 2005

Record Breaker!

The first 2 months of the new financial year have broken all records and proven to be to most successful in Cad-Capture’s history! The Sales Team secured £1.2m of business in March and April alone and if they continue to consistently bring in similar business this could be the most successful year we have had making the rest of the year challenging yet very exciting.

Kerry Foods

In 2002, Kerry Foods decided to replace its old document management system as it no longer fulfilled its business needs. The company required a solution that would allow control over it and have the ability to develop it in-house. The purpose of the document management solution was to enable Kerry Foods to store financial documents such as invoices and delivery notes and retrieve them quickly in the event of a query from another company within the supply chain.

The system has been a great success and now manages over 25 million documents and increasing by 200,000 a week.

University of Manchester

Cad-Capture’s AssetCapture solution has been successfully used throughout local government for the last 10 years. Over the 10 year period the solution has developed substantially making it an ideal solution to help Universities across the UK to manage their property portfolios. The University of Manchester is the most recent customer to implement the solution.

What’s on….?

Over the last year, Cad-Capture has strengthened its commitment to the Utilities Sector. To enhance this, Cad-Capture is organising seminars throughout the UK specifically for organisations within this market place. The first will be held in September.

May 2005

Manchester City Council continues to benefit from AssetCapture

Manchester City Council (MCC) commissioned Cad-Capture to digitise its existing Education building plans into Intelligent CAD Files as part of its Asset Management Planning strategy. Since then, Cad-Capture has provided additional services to maintain, update and upgrade the plans to incorporate features such as curriculum based room colour shading, suite analysis and Net Capacity information.

In 2003, MCC decided to ask Cad-Capture to add an extra layer to each of the Intelligent CAD Files which would indicate colour shading for each room based on the curriculum being taught in that room. Alongside this, Cad-Capture also produced a curriculum analysis on the drawing to produce a table of actual areas of curriculum versus recommended DfES* areas.

Cad-Capture developed a unique software solution to perform the room shading and room suite analysis and then provided MCC with the software to update the plans itself.

In 2004, MCC provided previous Net Capacity sheets which were then loaded back into the drawing so that each school had the correct net figure applied to each room. For example: 15% of the net area is deducted for circulation space, leaving 85% of the net area for teaching space. This enabled MCC to calculate the total number of pupil places available and in turn establish how much funding it is entitled to receive. Once the data is collated the percentage can then be used against the drawing and the adjustments can be output to the Net Capacity sheet for submission to the DfES.

The process of entering data into a Net Capacity sheet is normally a long and lengthy process and the accuracy cannot always be guaranteed. Cad-Capture has identified this and now offers a service to its customers as an option of the company’s AssetCapture solution.

A computer program specifically written by Cad-Capture transfers data direct from Intelligent CAD Files into the Net Capacity Sheets instantly. The effectiveness of this service means that there is no room for error compared with the manual entry. The conversion of data to the Net Capacity Sheets can also be completed at the same time as digitised floor plans which means the service is also cost-effective.

This year, Cad-Capture’s solution will once again make it easy for MCC to generate its Net Capacity sheets accurately while saving time and money.

Ged Mitchell, Principal Surveying Manager at Manchester City Council said: “Over the years’, Cad-Capture has become an invaluable resource in helping us keep up-to-date with our property portfolio. We look forward to continuing our good working relationship well into the future.”

June 2005

ConocoPhillips implements CaptureTag

ConocoPhillips recently implemented Cad-Capture’s unique solution ‘CaptureTag’ to help keep track of all of its equipment throughout the Humber Refinery.

CaptureTag for AutoCAD is an essential tool for managing intelligent AutoCAD drawings in Hummingbird DM, the award-winning document management product. CaptureTag gives you the ability to tag elements of an AutoCAD drawing, adding intelligence such as tag numbers, equipment numbers and line numbers.

These tags are stored as extended entity data in the AutoCAD drawing and are then seamlessly and automatically linked into Hummingbird DM. This gives you the option to search for a particular tag or group of tags such as an inventory group within Hummingbird DM.

Any corresponding drawings are then loaded with the matching tags into the inventory groups highlighted on the drawing. CaptureTag provides automatic full text searching of AutoCAD drawings.

ConocoPhillips already has P&ID’s in AutoCAD which shows the interconnection of process equipment and the instrumentation used to control the process. In this case they are represented by 2D schematic drawings that show relationships of plant items and lines of the refinery.

Plant items include pumps, drums, exchangers, valves etc and each plant item has a unique identifier known as a tag. All these numbers are stored in a plant item database within the Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS). The tags can be used for maintenance and inspection purposes and can link to operating and maintenance manuals.

CaptureTag links the EIMS to the P&ID’s enabling a user to identify and locate an item within the refinery at the click of a button. Mark Tasker, ConocoPhillips said: “Cad-Capture’s CaptureTag solution is ideal for helping us to manage the refinery. We are more than satisfied with the solution and the level of service provided and will no doubt continue to enjoy a successful working relationship with Cad-Capture in the future.”

July 2005

Over 2 million documents scanned for M W Kellogg

Over the last 8 years, Cad-Capture has processed in excess of two million pages of documents for Bonny Project Management Company (BPMCo) on behalf of the TSKJ consortium of companies.

TSKJ is responsible for project specification, detailed engineering, procurement and construction of six Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) units at Bonny Island, Nigeria – owned and operated by Nigeria LNG, a joint venture of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (49%), Shell Gas Nigeria BV (25.6%), ELF Aquitaine (15%) and AGIP (10.4%).

With the first two LNG units completed in 1999, the TSKJ consortium was subsequently awarded the contract to install a third train and associated facilities, bringing the total output at Bonny Island from 5.9 MTPA (Million Tonnes Per Annum) to 8.8 MTPA. Operational in 2003, expansion to a fourth and fifth train soon followed to further increase output to 16.8 MTPA, with a sixth train currently on the way.

During this time, Cad-Capture has processed a variety of vendor supplied documents associated with LNG units at Bonny Island, ranging from multi-page bound volumes to a variety of large format drawings. Despite sometimes processing in excess of 20,000 pages per week at peak periods, it is essential that the quality of supplied information remains of paramount importance.

A specialist and rigorous operation, the entire process, including document registration, scanning, quality control and export phases, are managed by CaptureFlow, Cad-Capture’s specialist document workflow and management system. Specially developed for the controlled capture of large volumes of documents, CaptureFlow allows maximum use to be made of batch processing for increased throughput and reduced costs, whilst enabling a systematic and rigorous approach to be taken with regards to data entry, validation and quality control, thereby minimising human error and increasing process efficiency.

Closely integrated with Cad-Capture’s BS EN ISO 9001:2000 approved Quality Management System, quality control procedures are rigorously maintained and regularly audited.

Cad-Capture’s affiliation with leading players in the oil and gas market extends back over 10 years with a multitude of projects completed for BP, British Gas, ConocoPhillips, Nigeria LNG and Shell, to name a few, including conversion of PEFS (Process and Engineering Flow Schematics) and P&IDs (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams) to intelligent CAD format. This means that Cad-Capture’s highly trained team of multi-disciplined operators appreciate exactly what each document depicts and are therefore, able to ensure that the images supplied are of the best quality and legibility.

Gerry Dixon, Project Information Manager at BPMCo said, “Cad-Capture has provided an excellent service of the highest quality, especially in recent months, during which a large volume of documents have been processed to an extremely tight schedule”.

BPMCo is located and supported at M W Kellogg Ltd offices in Greenford, UK. The TSKJ consortium is an equal partnership of four major Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractors Technip (Paris), Snamprojetti (Milan), Kellogg Brown & Root (Houston) and Japanese Gas Corporation (Yokohama). M W Kellogg is jointly owned by JGC and Kellogg Brown & Root which is part of the Halliburton Corporation.

With Cad-Capture having recently been awarded the contract to process an estimated 400,000 pages for train 6, Simon Watts, Managing Director of Cad-Capture was “delighted to continue our long-term partnership with BPMCo and are looking forward to collaborating on future projects”.

August 2005

Room Colour Shading for Asset Management Plans

Three years ago, Cad-Capture developed room colour shading as an enhancement to its AssetCapture solution. In 2005, this technology has developed further and is now incorporated into the standard AssetCapture solution.

The decision to offer room colour shading was pioneered by a project completed for Manchester City Council. Room colour shading is available to local authorities wishing to upgrade Intelligent CAD Files to include curriculum based room colour shading following the BB82 government guidelines in conjunction with educational properties.

Local Education Authorities (LEA) and Head Teachers benefit from clear coded drawings allowing an instant visual recognition of what each space is being used for.

Cad-Capture has now gone one step further and released enhanced room colour shading, which now includes external shading as well as internal, for AutoCAD 2004, based on the DfES (Department for Education and Skills)* building bulletin 98/99 area guidelines for schools. The service is available in full or as an upgrade to existing Intelligent CAD Files.

Recent customers to benefit from the enhanced room colour shading are Cheshire County Council, The Learning Trust (Hackney LEA) and Halton Borough Council.

September 2005

Floor plans for the Licensing Act 2003

Cad-Capture’s new solution “PlanCapture” has been specifically designed to assist licensees when applying for a new licence in accordance with the Licensing Act 2003.

The Act establishes a single integrated scheme for licensing premises which are used for the supply of alcohol, to provide regulated entertainment or to provide late night refreshment. Permission to carry on some or all of these licensable activities is now contained in a new licence.

Each licence application must include accurate plans of the premises. Unique specifications are required to be contained within the plans i.e. the boundary of the premises, location of licensable activities, areas to which alterations to premises currently licenced are to be carried out and areas where children are permitted, must all be in different colours (specified within the Act).

As of the 24 November 2005, it will be the end of old licensing regimes and the new premises licences/club premises certificates are given effect. This in turn means that if licensees have not had applications approved by this time, they risk closure or prosecution. Bearing this in mind, applicants should act now if they have not already done so!

PlanCapture provides high quality plans to accompany the application. The plans are drawn to 1:100 and are colour coded in accordance with the requirements. The service is available to bars, pubs, clubs, cafés restaurants, hotels, off licenses, convenience stores, supermarkets and any other business with a licence to sell alcohol.

October 2005

Shetland Islands discover AssetCapture

Shetland Islands Council has recently awarded Cad-Capture a contract to produce Intelligent CAD Files for the majority of their corporate and educational properties for integration into a property management system using Cad-Capture’s versatile AssetCapture™ solution.

In 2004, Shetland Islands Council identified a need to update its existing drawings as they were out of date and not to scale. The first stage was for Cad-Capture to undertake a pilot which involved two surveyors visiting the Island to complete full measured surveys of five properties, a mixture of educational and corporate with a gross external area of 16,200 sqm. The information collected was then brought back to Cad-Capture’s head office ready for conversion into Intelligent CAD Files. The pilot was extremely successful.

Cad-Capture has now been awarded the contract to undertake accurate measured electronic building surveys along with the production of Intelligent CAD Files of another 17 of Shetland Islands properties, again a mixture of education and corporate with a gross external area of 26,000 sqm.

Carl Symons, Technical Support Manager at Shetland Islands Council said: “Cad-Capture provided a seamless and professional integrated solution”.

November 2005

The First AssetCapture Roadshow

Cad-Capture recently held its first AssetCapture Roadshow to Scottish Local Authorities.

On Tuesday 2nd November 2005 at The Royal Hotel, Stirling, Cad-Capture demonstrated its AssetCapture solution for converting property portfolios into Intelligent CAD Files. Property, Asset and Estates Managers from across the Authorities were invited to take part in the event.

The event focussed on introducing, not only its AssetCapture solution but also the enhancements and maintenance packages for those who already utilise the solution. Included within the presentation, the company was able to show how the solution would integrate into a range of leading asset, facilities and property management systems which is an integral part to the Authorities’ requirements.

A feedback form was produced for the attendees to complete so that we could assess the day. The results were outstanding and nearly all forms stated that the event was excellent. Below are a couple of comments we received:

“Presentations well thought out and delivered – excellent system”

“Very professional and informative”

Even though this was the first event, it will not be the last! Over the coming months there will be more events taking place throughout the UK.

December 2005

Cad-Capture exhibits at The National Asset Management Conference 2005

Cad-Capture exhibited at the inaugural National Asset Management Conference organised by CIPFA/IPF which took place at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham on 22nd November 2005.

The event was presented to the largest network of Asset Management professionals within the UK Public Sector in order to keep them abreast of the very latest in legislation, government initiatives and best practice.

Cad-Capture demonstrated its AssetCapture solution for converting property portfolios into Intelligent CAD Files to the Property, Asset and Estates Managers from across the Authorities.

Turnout was excellent with over 100 delegates in attendance. The event was well received and we obviously look forward to the next one!

Major Scottish Asset Management Contract

In 2004, Cad-Capture successfully won the tender to produce CAD plans of all properties belonging to Perth & Kinross Council’s non-domestic property estate. The contract had been advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

The project was split into two phases; phase one consisted of 74 schools (300 individual buildings) and phase two, 190 public and commercial properties. The Gross External Area totalled 225,000 square metres. The project commenced in March 2005 and finished in December 2005 on schedule. A number of aspects of the project differed from any contract completed before.

Cad-Capture customised its unique AssetCapture software to ensure the AutoCAD files were compatible with DeCAL Badger, the asset management software used by the Council.

Another difference was the inclusion of digital photographs within each CAD file. Perth & Kinross Council specified a requirement of four photographs for each measured space and two for each external building face so each of Cad-Capture’s surveyors was equipped with a powerful digital camera.

Cad-Capture also created a solution which automatically inserted camera symbols in the CAD files, indicating the direction in which the photograph was captured. This also enables a user to click the symbol and view different parts of each room directly from the CAD plan.

Roddy Brown, Asset Planning Manager for Perth & Kinross Council said “Working to a detailed output specification which Council staff monitored regularly through random quality checks, Cad-Capture liaised closely with Council staff to co-ordinate what was a challenging programme involving the survey of the majority of the Council’s property portfolio.

Perth & Kinross Council was particularly impressed with the way Cad-Capture organised site visits and carried out the site surveys with little or no disruption to occupiers of the buildings.

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