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Asset Navigation with
The AIM Suite

Access Your Engineering Content Directly From Your Engineering Drawings And Documents.

OpenText Cloud Certified
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Bespoke Capture Automation

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Built For Asset Intensive Industry

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Intuitive Design

Adaptable Data


Every Asset

Doc Built-In

Master Data

Driven Accuracy

Every Drawing Interconnected

Intuitive Interface

Designed For Clear Navigation

The Data Advantage

Rather than manually trawling through multiple systems, HotSpots captures every engineering drawing and document, turns the information into data, and activates it into a single, intelligent, interface.


Every drawing connected. Every document built in.


Fully compatible with IBM Maximo, SAP and the OpenText™ Ecosystem

Remove The Asset Navigation Bottleneck

Remove practically all asset navigation delays could save your firm around $1,100,000 and $3,000,000 per year in wasted resources and compliance related fines.

Manual Navigation

Time Consuming
Build up of errors

Siloed Information

Automated Navigation

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Rapid Search Retrieval
Automated Error Correction

Easy Access Across Systems
Intuitive User Centric Design

Who is The AIM Suite for?

The AIM Suite isn't only for those who currently manage large volumes of paper-based documentation.

For every business who's efficient time to data is a critical concern, whereby failure to efficiently source critical information can put safety at risk, having an optimised asset navigation solution, like The AIM Suite, is a necessity.

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Compatible with IBM Maximo, SAP and OpenText xECM incl. Content Suite, eDocs, Documentum

Our Team Are On Hand To Support You From Start To Finish

We Will Update Your Current File Management

But That's Not All...

The AIM Suite Is For...

Your Paper Drawings

Archiving and navigating has always been time consuming and error prone. What would normally take hours can now be done with a single click.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Finally access all of your asset information at the click of a button.

> Tailor the capture process to accommodate all your design needs. Arcs, circles, multiple lines, etc.

> Have your entire asset inventory processed regardless of how long its been since it was last audited.

Legacy CAD Drawing 2.png
Legacy CAD Drawing 3.png
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Digital CAD Drawing 2.png
Pressure Vessel V-110.JPG
Pressure Vessel V-190.JPG
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The AIM Suite Is For...

Your Asset Documents

The inability to quickly link assets with their related documentation costs energy and utility companies millions every year. This cost can now be taken off the table.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Have all of your documentation organised and linked to all of their relatable assets.

> Enjoy easy access to all of your documents by having them exist in a searchable database complete with a breadcrumb trail for greater clarity.

> Have every document, for every asset, for every drawing, built into a single easy to navigate interface.

The AIM Suite Is For...

Your CAD Drawings

Locating asset data has always took up valuable skilled hours. With The HotSpots interface, those hours become minutes.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Interconnect all of your drawings together with seamless continuation tags.

> Ensure every part of every drawing is searchable by asset name, drawing coordinates, and more.

> Whether you colour code by asset, system or function, all your drawings are now completely customizable to best suit your workflow.

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The AIM Suite Has Everything You Need To Modernize Your Asset Navigation


This smart interface links into the biggest systems on the market - OpenText ECM, IBM Maximo, SAP.


Save around 1-3 million, or 1.5% of revenue, when you remove the problem of poor information management.


Ensure safety and standards are in check with rapid information retrieval and automated correction built in.


Mobile optimised with complete data coverage means you can access your entire database whether on site or in the field.

Get the Intro Pack Now for a full breakdown of everything you need to know

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