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A large image of CAD HotSpots enabled on a tablet with the right click menu open.

Achieve complete coverage of your engineering content wherever your teams are.


Access multiple systems* directly from your CAD drawings and PDFs.

*Access ERP, Asset Management, Plant Maintenance, and more.

Asset Navigation with the
AIM Suite

The AIM Suite Starts With...
1. Data Extraction

with AssetXtractor

Archiving and navigating has always been time consuming and error prone. What would normally take hours can now be done with a single click.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Scrape your drawings so that you can quickly identify the precise information you need within an easy to navigate excel spreadsheet.

> Tailor the capture process to accommodate all your design needs. Arcs, circles, multiple lines, etc.

> Have your entire asset inventory processed regardless of how long its been since it was last audited.

The AIM Suite Scales With...
2. Master Data

with CaptureFlow

The inability to quickly link assets with their related documentation costs large industry millions every year. This cost can now be taken off the table.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Have all the rules needed to capture and categories every aspect of your drawings to ensure complete coverage of your data.

> Every connection between every asset, captured and validated against a master list for accurate data capture.

> All the information in all of your drawings, all at hand within a transferable spreadsheet.

Legacy CAD Drawing 2.png
Legacy CAD Drawing 3.png
Asset Navigation Demo.00_25_08_00.Still003.jpg

The AIM Suite Excels With...
3. Intuitive Interface

with HotSpots

Engineers can finally access their asset related information directly from the tags themselves. Find exactly what you need with a single click.

With The AIM Suite, you can...

> Interconnect all your drawings together with seamless continuation tags.

> Ensure every part of every drawing is searchable by asset name, drawing coordinates, and more.

> Whether you colour code by asset, system or function, all your drawings are now completely customizable to best suit your workflow.

Every drawing connected. Every document built in.

Fully compatible with OpenText™ Content Suit & Documentum, IBM Maximo and SAP

Asset Navigation also supports the engineering specific solutions of xECM for Engineering for Content Suite and Asset Operations for Documentum. It also works seamlessly with the xECM for SAP framework – giving the ability to leverage related information held in e.g. SAP, directly from the drawing itself via the business workspace. 

The AIM Suite not only unlocks valuable asset information within engineering drawings and documents, it also bridges the gap between structured and unstructured data and info, and systems. This means that asset related information can be accessed directly from the tag itself – whether it lies in the same ECM or an allied, yet separate system, such as ERP, Asset Management etc.


Robust Solutions To Reach Your Targets

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Gas Plant

The Cad-Capture AIM Suite delivers intelligent asset navigation for business that require access to their information. Fast.

The AIM Suite enables your teams to find what they need, when they need it.

Each product is potent on their own but really powerful when put together.

product-box-mockup CaptureFlow 2.jpg


Scale your asset extraction with an unlimited scope of captures, all backed by AssetXtractor's robust capture automation.

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product-box-mockup HotSpots 2.jpg


Built on the robust capture of AssetXractor and scope of CaptureFlow, Hotspots brings your data to life for unparelled navigation.

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Cad-Capture Recommends

product-box-mockup Assetxtractor 2.jpg


Capture, correct and validate the crucial engineering information you need for effective project management.

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The Aim Suite empowers engineering and maintenance teams to find what they need, when they need it. Fast.

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