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Streamline Your Asset Retrieval

Improve compliance and reduce risk with relevant, up-to-date access to your asset data.

Traditional Retrieval

Time Consuming
Unintended Errors

Siloed Information
Inefficient Design

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Rapid Asset Tag Search
Automated Error Correction

Easy Access Across Systems
Intuitive User Centric Design

Adaptable Data


Every Asset

Doc Built-In

Master Data

Driven Accuracy

Every Drawing Interconnected

Cad-Capture Retrieval

Cad-Capture Has Everything Oil & Gas Businesses Need To Modernise Their Search And Retrieval

Links into all major systems: OpenText ECM, IBM Maximo, SAP


Avoid fines and improve efficiency with fast and reliable data access


Ensure quality standards are met with rapid information retrieval


Access your entire asset database, whether on site or in the field

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Built For Asset Intensive Industry

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Bespoke Capture Automation

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