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CaptureVue HotSpots takes the benefits from CaptureVue, the market leading visualisation and collaboration solution, to a whole new level. In addition to providing a standard viewing interface across the whole organisation the HotSpots module means that decisions can be made faster, with greater accuracy and less reliance on uncontrolled documents such as PDFs and hard copy prints.

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Faster and better decisions

  • Dramatically streamline search and retrieval processes

  • Link disparate systems and silos of information

  • Use drawings as a dash-board for reporting and better/faster decision making

  • Smash the barriers between structured and unstructured data

  • Allow documents and drawings to drive business activity from one document/location


CaptureVue HotSpots from Cad-Capture builds on the Augmented Business Visualization framework Oracle have recently introduced into the market-leading enterprise visualization solution, AutoVue, providing links between text and zones in drawings and enterprise structured data. CaptureVue HotSpots provides organisations with a fully-featured, easy-to-use interface to define when and how textual data can appear in drawings and documents.

Benefits Across Industry

We believe CaptureVue HotSpots to be an exciting proposition for all organisations using drawings or documents containing information about structured data. CaptureVue HotSpots can improve productivity in the Oil & Gas, Facilities Management, Engineering and Construction, Energy and Manufacturing, sectors and will provide similar improvements in any asset or product-intensive industry.

Examples vary widely from business to business. With CaptureVue HotSpots configured to recognise Continuation Tags, Equipment, and Lines on a P&ID (Process & Instrumentation Diagram) users can click on Continuation Tags to jump to the specified drawing in the ECM, and click on a piece of Equipment or a Line to display data from SAP or other ERPs. When the user right-clicks on a piece of Equipment, they can initiate a request for an Order for a spare, and similarly with a Line they can request Maintenance.

  • Asset Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Oil and Gas / Process

  • Manufacturing

  • Utilities

  • Legal / Finance Sector

Visualise Report Data on Drawings

With CaptureVue HotSpots organisations can automatically colour HotSpot text based on existing data sources. This ensures report data is live and meaningful in the context of a process or plan rather than a simple list in Excel.

For Facilities Management businesses this means users with Tablet PCs can tour buildings with the plan displayed showing rooms requiring maintenance.

Trigger Actions in Context

CaptureVue HotSpots allows organisations to define HotSpot types, and register what text makes up the HotSpots. When a drawing or document is loaded in CaptureVue the HotSpots are recognised, so when a user hovers over a HotSpot it will change to the defined colour, showing the user that further information can be shown or actions triggered.

Different actions may be associated with HotSpots. This ensures that actions are always meaningful to the user, based on the text clicked-on.

It is also possible to define the default action for any HotSpot, so the user can initiate an action or see information efficiently.

Maintain HotSpots centrally

All HotSpot actions and definitions are stored and maintained centrally regardless of the documents, data or business systems they link to.

As organisations acquire, build and integrate new systems they can be linked into existing drawings and documents immediately using the HotSpots Management Module.

Connect Unstructured and Structured Data

Organisations invest huge quantities of time and money in capturing and maintaining their Unstructured Data (drawings and document) and Structured Data (databases, transactions), and the systems used to manage them. However, these data types often remain separate, only being linked manually on an ad-hoc basis.

Users often request the ability to link to relevant data from areas or entities on drawings, and to visualize data on drawings, for example in the form of a report showing scheduled maintenance.

Using CaptureVue HotSpots means that these requests can now be seriously considered, and solutions materialise quickly without difficult development or customisations.

Once implemented, the ROI can be immediate with users having the requisite information at their fingertips rather than having to switch between systems, searching each time to find the required information.

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