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Turn all of the assets in your engineering and CAD drawings into a searchable database and more

Convert Your Engineering Drawings Into Data

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Why Do I Need Asset Extraction?

You want greater access to your asset data. The best way to have that is with a database. Now the good news is that with AssetXtractor, you can have the contents of your drawings captured and exported into Excel for you.

Tailor Made Capture

Our Extraction Teams can write purpose built rules so that you can automate the capture of every symbol, arc and all other conventions from all of your drawings in one sweep.

Automated Categorization

Whether pipeline, instrument, or equipment, HotSpots AssetXtractor automates the capture and categorisation of everything for you.

Reliable Accuracy

Based upon a master list, every drawing is validated so that inconsistencies are identified and corrected at the point of capture.

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Legacy CAD Drawing 3.png

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The AIM Suite enables your teams to find what they need, when they need it.

Each product is potent on their own but really powerful when put together.


Capture, correct and validate the crucial engineering information you need for effective project management.

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Scale your asset extraction with an unlimited scope of captures, all backed by AssetXtractor's robust capture automation.

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Built on the robust capture of AssetXractor and scope of CaptureFlow, Hotspots brings your data to life for unparelled navigation.

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Cad-Capture Recommends

The Aim Suite empowers engineering and maintenance teams to find what they need, when they need it. Fast.

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